Our Services


We provide a 6, timely staged, program which in turn offers your lawn the balanced nutrients all year long. This will help accomplish that natural, beautiful lush lawn you dreamed of.

Included in this program is a comprehensive weed control to prevent crabgrass and other grassy undesirable weeds. It also will rid the dandelions, clover, and various weeds that break the consistency of perfection.

Greener Turf takes the preventative approach to the surface feeding insects as well as hidden undesirable grubs that will devastate the lawn in a short turn around. But don't worry. We take care of this and continue to monitor through the stressful seasons.

In addition

At Greener Turf Management, we also offer an aeration service necessary to combat compaction. This allows water and nutrients to be better available to the root system aiding in the overall health of the grass.

Quality seeding for successful growth and a thick lawn can be programmed with the aeration to also help prevent weeds the following year in any thinning spots.